saving on resources

ItzZacKlocky ItzZacKlocky: 15 days ago
Inspired by the announcement partydragen made regarding giving all PS 3gb i was thinking since 99% of cubed servers are bedbox and smp which clearly dont need 3gb ram. There could be some kind of a request system for example all servers will have 1 gb but u will be able to request more gb of ram and someone will inspect ur server and if they find out that u really need them they will grant u the additional ram (this can be possible due to the small player base)


Iron_Kevin Iron_Kevin: 15 days ago
I won't really support this. It looks like Cubed is small but there are still a lot of playerservers. So everytime some Member needs to request Partydragen to make their server 3 GB, and Partydragen is already very busy with other stuff related to the server. And who need to inspect it? And when does a server need it or not? It will be very hard for the Cubedcraft staff to implement this and I won't give this any chance tbh.
PondWader PondWader: 14 days ago
You underestimate how much RAM servers on the latest version use.
1.17 servers (e.g. SMP's) consume a lot of RAM.

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