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Doggydevil7 Doggydevil7: about 1 month ago
Hello, fellow CubedCrafters reading my suggestion!

I am a constant TNT Wars player and I believe that the game needs more variety, you can approach this issue by adding some sort of new feature(s). I have an idea. Right now there is only one way to play the game of TNT Wars on CubedCraft with 8 lives(a constant amount of lives) and 30 minutes(a constant amount of time). I strongly suggest that this should be changed in the window of time between games. Using a menu of sorts that can be open with an item like paper, head, book, etc and the menu can appear like any other. Opening on the right click of the mouse button(or the designated "mouse 2" selected in the "controls" tab found once you have entered the "options" tab). Once this menu has opened you can select from the preset options and once one of these has been selected you can click confirm and "vote" on the selected mode. This will only increase a value unless the majority of players that have joined a team select the same value. Except for the already used "normal mode". This normal mode doesn't need the majority of votes it is the preset mode and unless one of the options gets the majority of votes it is selected and used to play the current game.

So what are some suggestions for the options you might add? Well, there can be a lot, as the game of TNT Wars is a wide subject.

Some I can suggest are:

A fast pace mode, this means like what the name entails, a fast pace game with either fewer lives and or less time.

A slow pace mode with more lives and or more time.

Maybe even a test mode, (Over my time of playing, test games are often requested) a test mode can be implicated in a lot of different ways.
Either making the TNT do no damage, make the platforms and shop cannons free for testing purposes, and falling into the void just respawns you
with no change to the live count meaning the game ends when the time reaches zero. With ending when the time reaches zero it will be helpful
making an option to change the amount of time.

A one-hit kill mode would be an intense mode with any damage from TNT meaning death, not damage from falling or suffocation as I predict this
will make players rage.

And of course, there should be a default option "The normal mode" with 8 lives and 30 minutes of time that is used when the game starts with no
votes or there wasn't a majority vote on one option.

If any other players have a suggestion I strongly suggest commenting it whether you think it is somewhat dumb or hard to implement because with more positive changes to TNT Wars the better the game will be! Thanks for reading and hope you enjoy the rest of your night!


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