Make a better punishment system.

MiniRascal MiniRascal: about 1 month ago
Cubed really need's to change the punishments since they're trash.
Not everyone follows Cubed rules 24/7, that's a 100% fact. We all swear and become toxic when we're annoyed, and I feel like the staff should acknowledge some peoples' anger instead of giving an instant mute. People shouldn't get muted without a warning for a little bit of toxicity or spam, which is why the cubed mods need a /warn or something. And the worst part is that some people get banned. Even the biggest of servers don't ban their players for toxicity or harassment, and they seem to do well, yet in Cubed you can get banned, and funny how the ones getting punished all the time are the most active players on the server. This is probably why cubed isn't getting more popular, because the punishment system is like you're in a private grammar school and the teachers are all Asian parents.

Summary since I know you don't like to read your community's suggestions anyways:
- Add warnings before muting (possibly a /warn command, which Minehut has, which is also a server that has 50k+ people on at a time)
- Stop banning for things that can be resolved with a mute (harassment, toxicity, suicide encouragement)


Tominous Tominous: about 1 month ago
Please do a massive reform of your punishment system, also if you haven't already, I would consider making a Staff Guide, on which punishments will be displayed and also their respected duration on severity.
Iron_Kevin Iron_Kevin: about 1 month ago
Good idea.
IDuckz_ IDuckz_: about 1 month ago
"Can be resolved with a mute" I don't think harassment or toxicity (repeated offense) can be resolved with a mute tbh, anyways we already have a staff docs yet it's outdated, super and gelly haven't got time yet but there will be a rework done soon (hopefully)
Iron_Kevin Iron_Kevin: about 1 month ago
Why cant it be resolved with a mute duck? Its a chat offense. And mutes are for chat offenses.
IDuckz_ IDuckz_: about 1 month ago
Idk man, if a player keeps saying horrible things over and over again, they can't just be getting muted over and over again right? Repeated offense of toxicity or harassment should be a ban in my opinion, since they're not going to learn over a small mute
MiniRascal MiniRascal: about 1 month ago
Well no that's the thing, if they repeatedly say it, mute them for like a month or something.