Please make sure every staff member reads and comments on this

Doggydevil7 Doggydevil7: about 1 month ago
Please show this to staff that play warzone regularly because I want this to be known

Most of the kits like pyro, rambo, samurai, archer, and fire archer are unbalancing the game.

Pyro can make combos easier to do.

Fire archer and archer people can spam them while you are on a bridge like ten times to knock you off and it is hard to dodge.

Rambo and samurai both are like two hits to kill the other player



Doggydevil7 Doggydevil7: about 1 month ago
Edit The unbalanced kits are why most of warzones decent players dont even play often
MiniRascal MiniRascal: about 1 month ago
oh boo hoo just get good :/
Jeroeno_Boy Jeroeno_Boy: 29 days ago
Hi doggydevil, I think you missed the mark on this suggestion.
I myself think pyro % samurai are fine.
Your argument against fire fire archer kit was incorrect, fire archer does a lot of damage with a lot of arrows, it’s way too overpowered in my oppinion.
And for Rambo, with strength it can 2 hit players with a perk, but the since they removal of elixer of life, this became impractical since Rambo also has the weakest armor.

Also a message for rascal, your reaction was highly unnecessary, I would appreciate it if you stopped leaving comments that don’t contribute anything to the suggestion.
SpectrePlay5 SpectrePlay5: 29 days ago
The thing is Doggy, just because *you* in particular can't handle when a Fire Archer/Archer/Hunter/Builder/Default shoots at you with some level of aim or when a Paladin/Beserker/Knight/Valkrie/Rambo/Samurai jumps you and kills you in a few hits, or when somebody sets you on fire, that doesn't really unbalance the whole game. Most kits have fatal drawbacks to exploit.

For example, all bows can be countered by cowardice, or just building a safer bridge instead of having a funny step-filled stick with no walls, ceiling, or thickness. and even with that, maybe 40% of times I land a shot the guy doesn't fall off anyways, even with good angles.

All fire can be countered by taking a bath, though this won't really help. Just combo them on the ground and they die.

Most high-damage kits have little to no good armor, and struggle with tougher classes or fellow high-damage kits. Try running something like Viking and see how many Rambos go splat trying to clean your clock then, that's what Bearsly did when you were raging like a 5 year old who lost their candy.

Maybe Warzone isn't 100% balanced, but at the same time do we *really* want to see a game where the only options are Lumberjack, Viking, Replentisher, Tank, and Thorned? I don't, maybe that's just me :)
DarkStarsGaming DarkStarsGaming: 29 days ago