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IGN: MissChikoo
by MissChikoo » 10 months ago
Hello fellow Cubers! 

First of all, thanks to everyone that has applied for staff! It is so nice to see that many of you wants to help, means a lot!
The past week we have promoted 3 (!) new players to trial-mod! Welcome them to the CubedCraft staff team, their names are GellyZ, deadly_miner9 and Angry_Squid! Welcome!

When that is said, we have decided to close staff applications again. We will read and response the applications that's already sent in, within 7 days. Be patient. 

We do not know when we are going to open applications again, but will let you guys know when it's open! In the meantime, enjoy playing on our server!

Remember you can still help us by helping players and reporting rulebreakers!
Much love, CubedCraft staff team

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lots of love, MissChikoo
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IGN: vYuri
by vYuri » 10 months ago
I am late :(