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IGN: Partydragen
By Partydragen » 27 days ago
Hi everyone!

Today we are glad to announce we've reached over 60,000 unique players on the CubedCraft network!
To celebrate, we're releasing a huge update for you all and 25% off on all donator ranks!

- MOTD limit extended from 25 to 32
- Everyone can use colours in server MOTDs
- You can now change the MOTD through the website dashboard
- You can now install plugins through the website dashboard
- God donors get 20 player slots, VIP donors get 50 player slots
- God donors get 6 extra plugins

- We have (finally!) released TNTWars: No Autos, meaning you can play without the ability to create auto cannons!

Due to the size of this update, please be on the look out for anything that's not quite right, and please let us know!

Thanks for playing on CubedCraft, we hope you enjoy today's updates!

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IGN: OutlookGamez
By OutlookGamez » 25 days ago
Hi! Just wondering when 1.13 be fully supported?