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Top PlayerServers of february
RuneMine with 252 Votes - Rewarded with 15 USD and 2 PS Boosters
#2. CentralMC with 87 Votes - Rewarded with 2 PS Boosters
#3. ButterMines with 55 Votes- Rewarded with 1 PS Booster
Vote on your favorite server at

Top Voters of february
#1. SuperTommyDog with 60 Votes
#2. OrangePixelGames with 40 Votes
#3. PondWader with 35 Votes

Smaller Update
- If you get over 80 votes in a month you will get a free PlayerServer Booster (4 votes * 20 days = 80)
- The first 3 days in a month you wil get double points reward (50 points per vote instead of 25)
- Each vote you do is a ticket to have a chance to win 1 month free VIP
- You can now buy Warzone and TNTWars boosters from lobby pointshop

Vote on CubedCraft at we will also have double points reward the first 3 days at the beginning of each month

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