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IGN: Partydragen
by Partydragen » 6 months ago
Top Voted PlayerServers of March
1) RuneMine - 194 Votes (Prize: 15 USD and 2 PS Boosters)
2) HYLION - 158 Votes (Prize: 2 PS Boosters)
3) Grow - 110 Votes (Prize: 1 PS Booster)

Top Voters of March (
1) OrangePixelGames - 123 Votes
2) TommyTimeDog - 111 Votes
3) 83y - 103 Votes

VIP Winner: PondWader
As i told last month everyone with more than 80 votes will get a free ps booster, but as i did a mistake yesterday i don't have the list of players who got more than 80 so will may not be able to give them :/ I will still try to find solution to retrive them but can't guarantee anything

I will be very grateful if everyone can take a moment each day to vote on CubedCraft at
- If you get over 80 votes in a month you will get a free PlayerServer Booster (4 votes * 20 days = 80)
- The first 3 days in a month you wil get double points reward (50 points per vote instead of 25)
- Each vote you do is a ticket to have a chance to win 1 month free VIP

New PlayerServers Plugins
- Added TABReborn
 Added WildStacker (Premium version by permission of Ome_R)

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