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IGN: Commodore640
by Commodore640 » 5 months ago

So someone created a channel called CubedCraft SS and the channel is being used to harass CubedCraft players 


One of those videos shows that the user violated one of Cubed's rule on hacking on gamemodes. The player is using VPN to ban evade and I think he said that he does it to the Cubed network as a whole. 

Does Cubed allow VPN to ban evade Cubed and PS servers? Is any of this allowed? 

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IGN: Iron_Kevin
by Iron_Kevin » 5 months ago

Cubed does not allow people to use VPN to evade network bans, this could result in a permanent ban. I don't know about ban evading with VPN on playerservers, the network rules doesnt list anything about ban evading on playerservers with VPN.

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