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By Partydragen » 5 months ago

Changelog 28 January 2024:


- Boosting official minigames will now do network wide broadcast that might get people to join /boost

- Added players section to website

- Added /servers command to discord

- Fixed being kicked for chat validation after triggering anti-swear or anti-advertise

- Fixed some words triggering the anti-swear filter

- Fixed a voting option not giving you the voting reward

- Improved the CubedCraft Store



- Added rankup features, look at /warp rankups

- Fixed the /rankup command, it now requires confirmation

- Fixed the /t command alias for /town

- Fixed snowballs destroying item frames and damaging mobs.

- Fixed beacons not being protected

- Server TPS is now displayed in tab

Changelog 22 January 2024:

- Added 46 custom CubedCraft-only achievements.

- Added rewards for completing achievements such as money and items.

- Added a new mechanic to curing a specific Zombie Villager (check CubedCraft Achievement tab for more info).

- Added an Achievement count to scoreboard, making it easier to track achievement count.

- Revoked everybody's achievements on first join to let everybody have the opportunity to obtain the new rewards.

- Fixed a bug where Respawn Anchors, End Crystals and TNT Minecarts would explode and damage land and players.

- Added Town Arenas (this feature is still in development and is not final) which allows for players to create PvP arenas with certain restrictions such as an option to have keep inventory enabled.

- It is now possible to pay $1000 to start a new claim elsewhere that is not linked to your existing claim.

- Added Town display item.

- Upgraded the Core menu.

- Added Town warps listing in Core menu.

- Added more Town Settings which is displayed in the Settings menu in Core menu

- Towns can now create several shop warps, useful if towns contain several shops by other members.

- Added /town menu command for easier access.

- Added Town warp descriptions for all warp GUIs (reset your warp with /town setwarp [name] [description]).

- Huge performance improvements in general.


- Updated skript-packet

- Updated protocollib

- Added skript-particle

- Added SkCheese

- /find and other commands now work as expected and no longer get passed through to the server by accident

Changelog 17 January 2024

- Extended "Remember me" session from 7 days to 1 month on CubedCraft and PlayerServers website

- Added quite a few new server icons

- Added Normal effect type to god donators

- Updated more PlayerServers plugins

- Fixed few bugs instructed in last update ^^

Changelog 14 January 2024


- Updated Paper from 1.20.2 to 1.20.4

- Updated most plugins to latest version (Contact me if some broke/missing update)

- Fixed command forwarding issue so /kick, /ban, /tempban etc works on playerservers again

- Official servers can now be boosted with /boost, Server such as Survival will reward everyone online $500, Boosters can be bought at or by becoming a patreon



- Fixed /g menu and /f menu so they work on official servers again

- Released and keeps updating Survival

- Fixed and reopened Kingdoms server

- MissileWars will now remember your flight state so you don't lose it when game end

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