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By Partydragen » 10 months ago
Maintenance complete, You can now CubedCraft again
Update Changelog:

Added: Language system, You can now switch language to get messages your languages, Well just a few languages support it so far, To switch language use /language {lang},
Available languages: en_US -> English, no_NO -> Norwegian, se_SV -> Swedish.
Added: You will now be warned automatically if you swear.
Added: Added no Repeat and AntiSpam system to Msg and Reply.
Fixed Bug: You can now see warnings if you being warned with /warnings.
Fixed Bug: You can no longer use colors/format in reply command.
Fixed Bug: You can now use /linkdiscord multiple times if your IGN does not match on discord.
Improved: AntiSwear System.
Improved: AntiAdvertisement System.

Note: A lot is moved into a new Core System, If anything is missing please report it and report any bugs, The old core system is removed.

Edited by DarkyMinecraft, grammar and explanations improved.

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