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by MissChikoo » about 1 year ago
There have been questions the last couple of days about their rank missing. I would like to explain why this is happening and what we are doing about it.

We decided to have monthly ranks ONLY, all lifetimeranks is being removed. to make this happen we had to remove everyones rank, but don't you worry if you had a lifetime rank you will get VIP, VIP+, MVP or MVP+. 
 If you already have bought some of these ranks your rank is still working on the server. In addition, we are adding new cool features for these ranks so you can have even more fun! 

What rank do I get?
If you had Iron, Gold, Diamond, Emerald, Bedrock, Titan, Cubed-God or Legendary you will get one og these following ranks:

Iron-> VIP lifetime
Gold-> VIP lifetime

Diamond-> VIP+ lifetime
Emerald-> VIP+ lifetime

Bedrock-> MVP lifetime
Titan-> MVP lifetime

Cubed-God-> MVP+ lifetime
Legendary-> MVP+ lifetime

CubedCraft staff wants to say sorry for the mess we have made around ranks and the new update. We are working as fast as we possible can to get things back on track. 

do you have any questions? Contact one of our staff members or comment down below. 

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lots of love, MissChikoo
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