Trial-Mod 03kris03


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Map Plays Wins Best Time
Stone 2 0 199.686s
Sand 0 0 -
Hell 0 0 -
Labyrinth 0 0 -
Grassland 0 0 -
Techno 0 0 -
Snow 0 0 -
Ores 1 0 -
Palace 1 0 235.056s
MetalMachine 1 0 227.513s
Candyland 0 0 -
Western 3 0 221.688s
Granite 0 0 -
Tower 0 0 -
Statistic Value
Wins 413
Kills 5157
Deaths 5137
Coins 3445
Exp 89566
Wool 1622
K/D Ratio 1
Statistic Value
Wins 4
Kills 0
Deaths 28
Coins 22
Exp 26
K/D Ratio 0



you had her on discord,  you wouldn't have been communicating with her if it wasn't for  Cubed. You said stuff like "sendbobsandveganawhat" which she thought was "send boobs and vagina" she took it a bit personally and blocked you after. And this Killcrock is a good friend of UglyButUrCrush and she didn't care about what he did cause she knew him.  what you did on discord is very dangerous, she could've though you were 18+, such stuff on cubed is not tolerated and we take it very seriously
6 days ago
I might be to late, but it can might be a sneak glitch, it isnt to much Evidence of him using hacks
16 days ago
Accepted. sorry for the false ban. you are now able to play tntwars again! :) 
18 days ago
can we have Premiumvanish on ps? only god rank. i can give you 1 which i've bought plz =)
4 months ago
i have to ideas for everyone wich they would like, to the members can do /fly in the area and not outside of claimed area, and all the factions cloud have chat, if they got something they to say to the faction instead of the other players can know what they are gonna say, like if their gonna raid, someone as the faction wich their gonna raid dosent, get any info. that was my idea
about 1 year ago