Admin ApexCandy


2 days ago
IM FALSE BANNED plz unban me they think im hacking but i just got skills
7 days ago
Please stop posting on ApexCandy's wall as he doesn't respond here, you can head to in game or discord if you need any help with something.
18 days ago
Hello, I applied for staff and I accidentally told staff to look at my application in chat, (without knowing that it is not allowed). Is my application automatically denied? HELP!
19 days ago
This wall thing is very abusable >:) So here's my issue:   I was finally unbanned and I was happy! (YAY) But at a similar time my computer had been infected with a RAT (Remote Access Trojan) Meaning someone had access to everything on my computer. What he decided to do was send a virus labeled "Moon X Crack" Referring  To The popular hacked client "Moon X"  .   When staff in the discord found out about this I was banned from the discord and the server... Permanently I then just today went onto my alt account and played for a bit... Witch, then I WAS PERMANENTLY IP BANNED FROM THE NETWORK.  As it was not me who sent those messages I would like to be unbanned. Thanks  For Watching! :D <3 ​​​​​​​#SaveShadow #ShadowWasRatted
28 days ago
Tf, rejected without a reason, youve suddenly used your powers
28 days ago
Nobody has even replied to mine yet
about 1 month ago
I always get rejected :I
5 months ago
I was rejected with no reason
7 months ago
... Apex, Why was my app rejected? It says no reason. Only it said that it was rejected.
8 months ago
can u look at my staff app?


Map Plays Wins Best Time
Stone 9 1 24.905s
Sand 2 0 164.560s
Labyrinth 0 0 -
Snow 1 0 72.401s
Ores 2 0 71.513s
Palace 2 0 71.906s
MetalMachine 2 0 48.180s
Granite 1 0 64.456s
Tower 1 0 66.084s
Statistic Value
Wins 161
Kills 1028
Deaths 1895
Coins 3739
Exp 21935
Wool 642
K/D Ratio 0.54
Statistic Value
Wins 616
Kills 4807
Deaths 1383
Coins 1590
Exp 15284
K/D Ratio 3.48


Hello fellow Cubers! Good news! Staff applications are open again!

You can finally apply for staff! 
We found out that we need new staff members to help us manage the server and players in need, so we decided to open applications again!

How do I apply?
Simply by clicking on this link: it will forward you to the staff applications page!

Good luck to who applies!
29 days ago
Hello URL_

Plese contact moderators directly and provide them with evidence of the death threats
So them can get their punishments.

about 1 month ago
WhenUHackUNoob, Necro-Posting is not allowed!
(Post locked)
4 months ago
Hello SquibyYT!

Thanks for reporting! However your report is declined as the report does not include evidence!

You can report them again with evidence!

Sincerely, ApexCandy
4 months ago
Hello SquibyYT!

Thanks for reporting! However your report is declined as the evidence isn't viewable and wont show up.

You can report them again with viewable evidence and clear!

Sincerely, ApexCandy
4 months ago