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Deaths 524
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Today, I am here to present my idea of Skript Tab, that would go on the dashboard of our playerserver.

What would it be?

The Skript Tab would be a catagory on your dashboard, just like Plugins or File Manager, but only it would contain lots of user made skripts. When you hit install on one of them, it would automatially make a new file in your plugins/skript/Skripts folder (if you have skript installed.) and it would be preloaded with the code from the Skript you have selected.

Why would it be good?

This would be great for people who don't fully understand how to install skripts, but not only for them, for people who want new skripts and want to browse. It would also be good for people to share their skripts and grow as a developer.

Thank You, please do not refrain from asking any questions below.
4 months ago
The plugin I suggest is: skLib.

skLib can be used for many things, and the thing I need it for is making a pastebin post from skript. It can also be used for 2FA and other things.
4 months ago


Porama is was 100% you. 
5 months ago


:o yes, this is it. I recently played on Kingdoms and got staff there, but then the idiots demoted me :( , and im back on cubed!!!
5 months ago


So. Recently Minehut got absolutely ripped with a hack. Then CubedCraft got ripped too with the bots. Then KingdomsGG does down for an hour. Hmmmm. 

My Conspiracy:
Partydragon is actually hacking the competition and hacking cubed also, to make it look like it isn't him. 

No need to give your opinion on my Conspiracy, because your opinion will be wrong. 
5 months ago