God Akelaz


about 1 year ago
Hey lars u just banned me on tnt wars for greafing. and i guess i was but u dont understand. first i was playing normaly but then another guy made this insane cannon that destroyed mine and everyone elses cannon eaven on his team. and then my intire team gave up and started greafing. and then the second i plase 1 tnt i get banned for greafing. why play a tnt based game when u can get banned for placing it. dumb
about 1 year ago
wtf why did you ban me when i was trying to help you guys
about 1 year ago
wtf why did you ban me when i was trying to help you guys
about 1 year ago
Hello i loge in :D
over 3 years ago
This is my story that helped me thru life This server has changed my life completely... This is a big secret i held i have never told anyone but at the time i was getting bullied alot.. I had no friends... I was thinking about commiting suicide.. But i wanted to give it a last try to make friends on the internet... So i came across many stupid servers untill this one... Everyone was nice to me and i felt like i had real friends... My mom was always asking why i was always on the pc... Since my mom and dad are divorced i would never see my dad.. But i dont want to see him either... To be completely honest i love you guys more than i love my family... You guys are the ones that helped me thru my life... And you guys helped me thru problems.. Just like april 8th thats when my pet died... He was my only friend in real life... But you guys helped me thru it... And thats why i love you guys the most in this world... This was my story I want to thank everyone from the bottom of my hard getting me thru my life and showing me what friends are.. You guys are the best that have overcome me... If i would not have met you guys i would maybe have jumped off a building or even died in a car crash... Thanks for this... -Lisa


Map Plays Wins Best Time
Stone 22 1 22.101s
Sand 13 0 63.480s
Hell 4 0 -
Labyrinth 0 0 -
Grassland 3 0 87.723s
Techno 2 0 -
Snow 13 1 32.578s
Ores 5 0 56.101s
Palace 14 1 62.859s
MetalMachine 4 0 136.033s
Candyland 1 0 -
Western 0 0 -
Granite 0 0 -
Tower 0 0 -
Statistic Value
Wins 235
Kills 3070
Deaths 3145
Coins 1848
Exp 37370
Wool 760
K/D Ratio 0.98
Statistic Value
Wins 76
Kills 16
Deaths 152
Coins 304
Exp 176
K/D Ratio 0.11


Will, think logically about it.
Without bows you can make 1 bridge while no one can hit you and you can continue going to the wool in a straight line.
Bows are needed in the game and they still require skill even if it's possible to bowspam.

Bowers could also say how just melee attacks could be spammed.
10 months ago
On CubedCraft there is currently the onlypossibility to import schematics onto your playerserver.
Full worlds are not possible to be done, there is no option for this mainly being the reasons of security risks and more etc.
You could probably get a tutorial how to upload schematics on the forums or in the discord.
11 months ago
You have not put in the link for the video.
11 months ago
I myself don't like the ranks either but you can't expect these ranks to be free pretty much.
CubedCraft is already in debt so we can't do anything about this. And the playercount could be increased through advertisement.
But seeing Cubed isn't making any money in the first place how are you expecting it to advertise the server in a good way.
So you can't expect us to make everything lifetime. When our playercount is already low.

You can rant about players not joining original servers, it's just how it is. Some people like pvp and others playing with friends.
And you claim that plugins are restricted? Every plugin is literally free and you have a wide variety to choose from.
If you want to have your own custom plugins make your own real server or use like combat said skript to make your own.
I'm not saying that Cubed is the best server network hosting but it's the one that provides you the most for free.
11 months ago
We are working as much as possible to keep things free for everyone to enjoy.
An example of it was our decision to make most plugins free.

Our plan for in the future is to have 1 monthly rank containing all possible features we provide to donators on the network.
This way we can keep our rank cheap and feature packed for all users.
An example for features included in the rank is different kinds of cosmetics, extra ram for player servers and more.

If we were to make the rank lifetime we would not be capable of keeping the server up and running and including more updates which require some payments.
That's why we want to look into offering the monthly rank for a cheap price and being able to provide the most.
This would also mean more giveaways can be done which is great for all!

This is not all official but this will be most likely to happen in the future.
We estimate the rank to be around 6,99$ a month.

Hope this cleared up the question.

about 1 year ago