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2 months ago
send the discord friend request again?
3 months ago
who tf is captain saitama fan
3 months ago
i Press F for you too how dare you to disrespect our Captain Saitama fan
4 months ago
My average room temp is 22C or 72F
4 months ago
That's cold @YungMary
4 months ago
yes yungmary
4 months ago
the average room tempature in MY room is about 15*C.. so your IQ is under 15?


Map Plays Wins Best Time
Stone 41 19 19.953s
Sand 23 6 29.719s
Snow 18 12 27.973s
Ores 9 4 29.664s
Palace 12 7 30.555s
MetalMachine 10 4 31.801s
34 17 70.509s
Statistic Value
Wins 70
Kills 987
Deaths 825
Coins 2733
Exp 13750
Wool 328
K/D Ratio 1.2
Statistic Value
Wins 19
Kills 21
Deaths 156
Coins 410
Exp 162
K/D Ratio 0.13


kid this post is 1 year old
2 months ago
If 1 of your account gets banned for breaking the rules. Then every single one of your accounts is banned.
For example.
If your account A uses killaura on warzone and gets ban.
But you use your alt B to play on warzone but dont break the rules.
It counts as Ban Evading and both accounts will get banned and you may get an IPBAN from it.
It's best that you either appeal or wait out the ban.

However, if you think you got falsebanned. You can go ahead appeal like this.
Theres a line which has 7 cubes in it at the top of this page. Under the website link.
CubedCraft| Hole| Forum| Store| Vote| Games| More|
Click More
Go 2 cubes down and click Ban Appeals.
You can appeal there.
2 months ago
I can relate, most members of the staff team absolutely despise me.
3 months ago
i vote no for your suggestion, (not advertiisng just example) hypixel already has good duels. you will most likely farm the duels. just farm them at hypixel. **ooh 12345 reward is xp and coins** so only good pvpers can win duels and get op kits which make them even better. if party allow us to vote. i say no
3 months ago