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Noble MyNameIs12345


about 1 year ago
man why u insult me?
over 2 years ago
why u change ign we were wondering about u mr'MyNameIs12345'.
over 2 years ago
Don't stop me from edating, ty
over 2 years ago
ur moma gay @roysland
over 2 years ago
Do you miss Maiseen?
over 2 years ago
send the discord friend request again?
over 2 years ago
who tf is captain saitama fan


Map Plays Wins Best Time
Stone 59 23 19.953s
Sand 27 7 29.719s
Labyrinth 8 3 38.180s
Snow 19 13 27.973s
Ores 10 4 29.664s
Palace 14 7 30.555s
MetalMachine 11 5 31.801s
Granite 3 2 21.461s
Tower 1 1 20.702s
34 17 70.509s
Statistic Value
Wins 5605
Kills 50938
Deaths 37513
Coins 657242
Exp 1013577
Wool 28627
K/D Ratio 1.36
Statistic Value
Wins 142
Kills 644
Deaths 633
Coins 10660
Exp 2146
K/D Ratio 1.02

Latest Posts

over 2 years ago
CubedCraft Will may rebrand or seperate it

Agreed with IDuckz_.
Switching back from 2 serperate servers because from time to time both playerservers and warzone is empty. so you may go on playerservers but wanna play warzone so you have to keep switching back from 2 servers to keep checking if warzone has players yet or not.
imo this will be annoying.

over 2 years ago
Repeated Spamming / Harassment

nice i get a 60 day ban for spamming in /msg while this guy gets off with it.
keep in mind i spammed in a playerserver too

over 2 years ago
Plain Stupidity

CombatMC. Kingdoms did get replaced by Bedwars.
Its at the exact same spot. Exact same skin. And yes, there were people who were going to play it again if it did get reset. Players like SteelShotPlayz, Erik and Me. There are more but I won't list them out. And just because you don't play a certain game doesnt mean that no one else plays it.

over 2 years ago
Ban appeal!

kid this post is 1 year old