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about 1 year ago
Posts4Dayz, New staff life xD
about 1 year ago
Hey everyone :D
about 1 year ago
GoldenHusky. I just got banned from my own server because i got an home ip from a guy and i wonderd why so i asked that person if that was his ip and poff banned. he thought it was a server ip but it wasnt. and i got unbanned by partydragon again and i was banned from my server to? and they wont respond.
about 1 year ago
I caught someone swearing and hacking on Warzone. His name is Dainvaded! Can you please ban him!
about 1 year ago
https://dev.bukkit.org/projects/mglib-snake-challenge please add that plugin requires MinigameLibs it's like game slither.io but sheeps
about 1 year ago
I applied on the website
about 1 year ago
about 1 year ago
Hey party can I post my videos from my youtube channel on a forum?
about 1 year ago
Hey, theres these 3 players on CubedCraft, they troll, greif, and hack. I used to have 2 Minecraft accounts. Their igns are: xBuwaro, KawaiiRoxy_YT, and Jack000123
about 1 year ago
can you follow me?



Use the filemanager to upload files now
Goo to /plugins/worldedit/schematics/
10 days ago
Approved you can now join again @Captain_Epic
13 days ago
Hey @GibbeMonster i have looked on your ps and have found out that your world is corrupt, That can be caused by you or other of your staff have glitched some chunks that be very many reasons

but unfortunately we wont be able to fix corrupt chunks so a world reset is required, I have currently renamed your corrupted world to worldcorrupt
19 days ago
Then nothing i can do :/ can just join the discord fast when it happning then just tell me then leave again
3 months ago
It should work if your on the cubedcraft discord 
3 months ago
Map Plays Wins Best Time
Stone 63 14 22.956s
Sand 22 3 42.435s
Hell 9 0 350.357s
Labyrinth 14 3 74.868s
Grassland 13 3 29.009s
Techno 8 1 1182.232s
Snow 30 3 32.287s
Ores 15 4 34.937s
Palace 25 6 34.367s
MetalMachine 19 3 36.253s
Candyland 1 0 -
Western 10 3 92.405s
Granite 5 1 33.257s
Tower 4 0 31.151s
Statistic Value
Wins 146
Kills 894
Deaths 1569
Coins 3048
Exp 22557
Wool 573
K/D Ratio 0.57
Statistic Value
Wins 8
Kills 34
Deaths 77
Coins 9680
Exp 51
K/D Ratio 0.44