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about 1 year ago
Hey everyone :D
about 1 year ago
GoldenHusky. I just got banned from my own server because i got an home ip from a guy and i wonderd why so i asked that person if that was his ip and poff banned. he thought it was a server ip but it wasnt. and i got unbanned by partydragon again and i was banned from my server to? and they wont respond.
about 1 year ago
I caught someone swearing and hacking on Warzone. His name is Dainvaded! Can you please ban him!
about 1 year ago
https://dev.bukkit.org/projects/mglib-snake-challenge please add that plugin requires MinigameLibs it's like game slither.io but sheeps
about 1 year ago
I applied on the website
about 1 year ago
over 2 years ago
Hey party can I post my videos from my youtube channel on a forum?
over 2 years ago
Hey, theres these 3 players on CubedCraft, they troll, greif, and hack. I used to have 2 Minecraft accounts. Their igns are: xBuwaro, KawaiiRoxy_YT, and Jack000123
over 2 years ago
can you follow me?
over 2 years ago
Partydragen greier du å sende en mail på nytt til [email protected] om det der register



Unban appeal accepted
1 day ago
Yea iknow its fixed

it was while i updated the network to the new Core 
4 days ago
Being perm banned 1 place on CubedCraft is ban everywhere... Atleast for you who have a big punishments list
You should even been perm banned from this website...

There is no reason why we should unban you AGAIN
You keep breaking the rules
20 days ago
Okay i give you a new chance, if you hack again you will get banned for MUCH longer..

Unban app: Accepted
about 1 month ago
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about 1 month ago
Map Plays Wins Best Time
Stone 63 14 22.956s
Sand 22 3 42.435s
Hell 11 0 350.357s
Labyrinth 14 3 74.868s
Grassland 13 3 29.009s
Techno 8 1 1182.232s
Snow 31 3 32.287s
Ores 17 4 34.937s
Palace 27 8 34.367s
MetalMachine 19 3 36.253s
Candyland 1 0 -
Western 10 3 92.405s
Granite 6 1 33.257s
Tower 5 0 31.151s
Statistic Value
Wins 149
Kills 901
Deaths 1578
Coins 3319
Exp 23179
Wool 583
K/D Ratio 0.57
Statistic Value
Wins 10
Kills 34
Deaths 97
Coins 9880
Exp 75
K/D Ratio 0.35