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Halla alle sammen dette er min første post ;D Dette er noe nytt fra nyeste updaten som kom 06.04.2016


Map Plays Wins Best Time
Stone 65 16 22.956s
Sand 22 3 42.435s
Hell 11 0 350.357s
Labyrinth 16 4 74.868s
Grassland 14 3 29.009s
Techno 8 1 1182.232s
Snow 31 3 32.287s
Ores 19 5 34.937s
Palace 28 9 34.367s
MetalMachine 20 4 36.253s
Candyland 1 0 -
Western 12 3 92.405s
Granite 7 1 33.257s
Tower 6 0 31.151s
Statistic Value
Wins 160
Kills 968
Deaths 1706
Coins 4360
Exp 25585
Wool 612
K/D Ratio 0.57
Statistic Value
Wins 16
Kills 46
Deaths 110
Coins 9550
Exp 171
K/D Ratio 0.42


Sounds like the map is to big so nothing we really cant fix yet

Download feature itself working fine as combat told it dont but it do it got fixed a while ago
5 days ago
Hi @Spitfires07

As this is almost a year ago we can't punish him, Why you even report this first now...
17 days ago
Here is a small update for PlayerServers

- Free plan now have 20 slots
- Server version 1.14 is now available by creating a new server with "/create {name} 1.14" Many plugins are still broken so not recommended
- Around 70-80 Plugins are updated for 1.13 and 1.14 servers
- Around 40 Plugins are updated for 1.12 servers
- Around 20 Plugins are updated for 1.8 servers

- Currently servers are not updated to the newest plugin updates i told above due issues with multiple versions, To update you must remove the plugin then install it again,  Self a plugin telling its outdated it may not help to reinstall it due the newer updates don't support your version
- Im mostly only going to keep 1.14 up to date 
about 1 month ago
We have new updates to TNTWars and PlayerServers 

- In Tnt Wars fully automatic cannons are no longer allowed. Full auto cannons put strain on the server and on player's computers so we're disallowing them. Using autos will result in a warning or temp ban.
- We have added /like and /dislike commands, Vote so we can find out what maps you guys like

- You can now select server version when you create  a new server! Use  /create {name} {1.8/1.13} 1.12 will be selected by default if you don't enter a version

- Added MultiWorldMoney
- Added GroupManagerLP
- Added NamelessMC-Plugin
- Updated alot of existing plugins to latest version for 1.13 servers

Thanks to songoda we have got permission to add all of her premium premium plugins! Check out https://songoda.com/
- Added EpicSpawners
- Added EpicBosses
- Added EpicHeads
- Added EpicVouchers
- Added EpicHoppers
- Added EpicFarming
- Added EpicDispensers
- Added EpicFurnaces
- Added EpicBuckets
- Added FabledSkyBlock
I really recommend you to check out those awesome plugins 

NamelessHosting have finally reopened in beta!!!
With NamelessHosting you can create your own free namelessmc website but since its beta not everything is ready but check out https://namelesshosting.com

MCCommunity giveaway
Make sure to register at https://mccommunity.net and entering the giveaway every 24 hours to get a better chance to win! 
2 months ago
@YumgMary the exploit is patched already, As we told on discord it was DiscordSRV

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