PlayerServer Rating System

Cloak999 Cloak999: about 1 month ago
So we can all agree that Cubedcraft's Playerservers have turned into complete garbage. Most servers released now are Box servers or SMPs. That causes the actual good servers to get overshadowed by other, worse servers. There is also a 2nd panel on the playerservers menu which will rank a server by ranking and shows the top 27 best rated servers. You have to play a server for at least 10 minutes before leaving a review. There are 2 factors to determine ranking, Rating amount and Rating score. The top rated servers are Rating amount, and your rating amount increases by 20% per star your server is and starts at 40, so if you have 1000 Ratings but they're 1 star reviews, you only count as 600 reviews. This allows the good servers to be noticed easier for players who want to have some fun instead of joining a server to immediately get banned.

To prevent childs from botting their playerserver with ratings for more popularity, 180 Minutes on any CubedCraft server/lobby/playerserver are required to rate a Playerserver.


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