add Plugman

ItzZacKlocky ItzZacKlocky: 6 days ago
i would like to see in use the plugin called Plugman it allows u to reload byt force some plugins plus load in plugins without restarting the server


WhenUHackUNoob WhenUHackUNoob: 6 days ago
It would be nice to have a feature like this, but plugman isn't really the correct option.
Supercrafter100 Supercrafter100: 6 days ago
If I remember correctly, plugman also alllws you to disable plugins. Being able to disable core plugins like the cubedcraft plugin doesnโ€™t seem like a great idea. So I highly doubt it will get added
ItzZacKlocky ItzZacKlocky: 6 days ago
u could make it so if the plugin get disabled the server restarts or something along this lines thefore patching it

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