ThatPacketAddon Plugin and MongoSK

IDuckz_ IDuckz_: 6 days ago
yes, I know this is a re-post but this was suggested the first time in suggestion #391 and I believe this has been forgotten for the 3rd time now.

This is the first suggestion:

Currently, CubedCraft does not have any proper packet manipulation using Skript. Skellett adds a packet event, but no clear way to modify the packet and no way to make new/send packets.

ThatPacketAddon is based on the MundoSK packet features, but doesn't come with the other features of MundoSK that might potentially be security risks for CubedCraft.
It also has newer and easier to use syntaxes for packet fields.
The plugin is free, so CubedCraft should have no problem with adding it.

Also please, add MongoSK: Doesn't need explanation if you click on this link for download.


KenpayysAlt KenpayysAlt: 5 days ago
Yes, Please CubedCraft add this to the Plugins List :D


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