/plugin BUG

Vintage80 Vintage80: 10 days ago
fixing /plugins on playerservers would be nice tbh


Isaiyah Isaiyah: 10 days ago
First, what's wrong with the /plugins command it works?
Second, Can you provide evidence to see what kind of
problem it's giving you?

For me, it's working and on other servers. If you want to see your plugins give yourself permission by doing "/op <your name="">" or adding the permission "bukkit.command.plugins" to your group or user hope this helped. (This is not my PlayerServer btw.)

- Isaiyah

IDuckz_ IDuckz_: 10 days ago
use luckperms, problem solved.
Partydragen Partydragen: 8 days ago
Its caused by GroupManager plugin have negative permission for the command for default rank

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