MiniRascal MiniRascal: 28 days ago
they're so fking annoying and literally everyone can agree, nerf them.


LegitMeme LegitMeme: 28 days ago
no problem
Doggydevil7 Doggydevil7: 21 days ago
Please do
Reason 1: all they litteraly do is make people basicly have reach to knock you back and into the void

Reason 2: if your on soild ground all it does it make you get super annoyied
CuzImHerper CuzImHerper: 21 days ago
Reason 1: the only thing they will touch with bows are the following: enchantments due to removing bows was tested and warzone became garbage, people dreaded it back and it came back.

Reason 2. It will take a lot of hard word to code a bow so it will recharge and stuff, don’t think the developers have that much time on their hands since they are working for free.
Supercrafter100 Supercrafter100: 21 days ago
Removing bows is never going to happen. When doing so skybridges will be impossible to counter. They are an essential part of the game and even nerfing them isn't a great idea in my opinion.

Bows can be annoying yeah but they are part of the game, so you'll have to find ways to counter them yourself.
FlayzYT FlayzYT: 20 days ago
They are not THAT bad, just clutch or something while on a bridge.