Make suicide cannons bannable

Doggydevil7 Doggydevil7: 21 days ago
My reasoning is that they are to op and they need nerfed/banned because, a pro can make three of them in the time it takes a noob to make one.
An i dont think thos players will stay on cubed if their new because they couldve wanted to play on the tntwars.


Supercrafter100 Supercrafter100: 21 days ago
If we doing this, just straight up ban all autos as semi automatic cannons are more destructive and deadly than suicides + an experienced player can probably build them at the same speed. Suicide cannons aren’t even that good as they require a bit of luck to shoot where you want it to shoot
Jeroeno_Boy Jeroeno_Boy: 21 days ago
^^^^ is proof that the cubed staff doesnt understand their games

Counter arguments to super:
- You are refering to the first (and worst) suicide cannon design. Luck was needed there, but the current designs are faster to build + way more accurate.

- You also say that semi cannons are more destructive, this fact is true. but when someone is spamming suicide cannons, you can barely counter it with any cannon yourself.

- Although yes i can build a simple scatter faster than MANY people can make suicide cannons. it only takes 1 shot to take down my cannon with a suicide, you can wait before i broke the wall that you then start firing yourself. a well timed shot and then spamming suicides can easily win from a scatter.

I personally do not think a ban on suicide cannons is needed. HOWEVER I do think that spamming suicide cannons should be disallowed, it can be extremely effective at some maps and require absolutely no skill at all.
I also think suicide spamm is slowly destroying the current meta. New players prefer suicide cannons over actual cannons like scatters, snipers, bazooka's, ar's, carpets, etc.

A nerf to suicide cannons would be more appropriate instead of straight up banning them.

A possible solution through code:
- A TNT gets fired, but when it explodes it checks if the parent dispenser still exists, and if not, it will have a reduced explosion radius.

A possible solution though the rules:
- You may only fire 1 suicide cannon every 10-15 seconds. This will make sure the suicide cannons are used for quick countering and not attacking.

Please take these suggestions seriously, and start learning the TNTWars meta better, instead of just assuming you know it from past memories. Which reminds me of Apex.

PS: I still love you apex 💖
Tankkeri Tankkeri: 21 days ago
Suicide cannons arent op. Idk what suicide cannons ur talking about but i have never seen anyone even use them before or maybe its just a recent invention. But they only have 1 shot and if u make a good semi auto it can do as much damage as 1 suicide cannon with 1 shot and u can keep shooting it. Like suicide cannons might be something that people can do easily and dont need that much skill then the pro players come here and want them removed because there is something that can defeat them. They should add more noob friendly things because theres nothing noobs can do against op semi autos and then they just quit. Thats why TnTWars is dead usually because when a new player joins they get killed like 10 times by a pro spamming their semi auto then they just leave and never join again.
Jeroeno_Boy Jeroeno_Boy: 21 days ago
First: Please read your own reply before sending it, it was incredibly hard to read.
Second: Please use your/you're instead of ur

Countering your points:
- Suicide cannons are very op if used correctly.

- Suicide cannons have been around for a very long time.

- 1 shot is all it takes to destroy any cannon.

- Your fourth sentence is incredibly difficult to read.

- Pro player's don't want suicide cannons to be removed, I also use them to counter cannons from getting build, but I think they are too op when spamming them.

- Suicide cannons cannot defeat the pro players, spamming suicide cannons is just incredibly annoying as there isn't much room to where you can counter them. If you move to the right and start building there, the spammer can easily change direction to hit you. (talking about flat map here)
One of the best ways to counter a suicide cannon is to get lucky and build up, but then you can easily get killed by regular ground cannons.

- The problem isn't that there aren't enough options for new players, its that newbies are put in the same games as pro's, leaving them with absolutely no chance to win.

- The problem with the player count is like I said before, and that there are not enough players able to get split up.

- I do not recommend spamming your semi auto cannon, that would quickly result into the cannon exploding, unless its a pee-like cannon.