Item Commands Plugin

oVintqge oVintqge: 16 days ago

ItemCommand is a plugin that allows you to add various functions to items, it can be used for gameplay features, or as simple objects to provide an additional experience.

(Pls don't say just use skript)



FlayzYT FlayzYT: 16 days ago
Just use skript.

oVintqge oVintqge: 16 days ago
omg kanseled
IDuckz_ IDuckz_: 16 days ago
Just use skript :]

This plugin has <bungeebroadcast> so you can literally broadcast a message to entire cubedcraft and, i'm not sure about this, but, it also supports placeholders which can somehow or someway be exploited probably. It's also quite outdated, last update was in Feb 26, 2020</bungeebroadcast>
Partydragen Partydragen: 14 days ago
This plugin will not be added for multiple reasons

Suggestion marked as closed