Allocate more RAM to 1.16 and 1.17 servers

gabitza1234 gabitza1234: about 1 month ago
1.8 and 1.12 are currently the best server versions, you wanna know why? Because they do not crash if you load 10 chunks at once!

1.16 and 1.17 on the other hand...:
Loading chunks too fast? CRASH
Existing 200 blocks away from spawn? CRASH!
Teleporting yourself anywhere in unloaded chunks? CRASH!!
Please kindly wait 2 minutes for your PS to get booted up again!

1.12 loads the chunks in 2 seconds
1.8 loads the chunks in 4 seconds
1.16 lags your whole server for 30 seconds then closes it
party if you want people to use 1.16 or 1.17 make it actually playable please thanks


Isaiyah Isaiyah: about 1 month ago
Hello Gabitza1234

I do agree with you but a better way to help with performance is using PaperSpigot ( You don't have to this is optional ) or you could optimize the Spigot.yml & Bukkit.yml files in the File Manager. I have some config's that are ment for performance contact me at Discord for these configurations (Isaiyah#4777). Your on my friends list either way lol
Viavir Viavir: about 1 month ago
I had a similar problem with the server loading chunks when I had a 1.16 survival PS for friends, it was unplayable but luckily there are methods to increase server performance like Isaiyah mentioned above, but they only make the game (exploring the world) a little more playable.

A quick solution to this problem is using server performance methods mentioned above + a higher server plan ( at least 2 PS boosters will do the trick that 4-6 players can play normally when exploring, otherwise a higher plan is needed )
And that should fix your problem, I hope it helps.

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