Update DiscordSRV

Nidrem Nidrem: 20 days ago
I installed DiscordSRV and am having problems getting messages from Discord to Minecraft working but they work the other way around. I contacted the DiscordSRV support and they said it's because CubedCraft is running an old version (latest is 1.24.0, Cubedcraft is running 1.22.0). So can we maybe get that updated?


Commodore640 Commodore640: 20 days ago
The reason why Party has yet to update them is because of security issues. People used this plugin go gain OP on Cubed. It will take him time to figure out a patch for the newest update of DiscordSRV.
WhenUHackUNoob WhenUHackUNoob: 20 days ago
not that complicated commodore. we use minehuts fork, we wont update until minehut updates :shrug:
Jeroeno_Boy Jeroeno_Boy: 20 days ago
Don’t say we when ur not a part of the staff team
1iq_ 1iq_: 19 days ago
what hack said is very accurate lmao
Jeroeno_Boy Jeroeno_Boy: 19 days ago
That’s not my point, he referred to the staff team as we, meaning he’s a part of it while hes not. I don’t care if the information accurate or not.
BennyDoesStuff BennyDoesStuff: 19 days ago
Minehut no longer uses any plugin forks so CubedCraft will need to manually update the fork to continue using the latest version of DiscordSRV.

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