Plugin Suggestion | BlockBall

htcs htcs: 20 days ago
The BlockBall plugin is a free, highly customizable football (NOT SOCCER!) plugin for versions 1.8 to 1.18. However, its modifiable ball physics open the door for other minigames such as hockey, golf and American football. Other features include customizable goals, teams and arenas, a realistic ball and savable player statistics.

No, unlike some other suggestions, it's not a necessity to PlayerServers in any shape or form, but regardless would be a lot of fun to have. My personal experience playing around with this plugin has been amazing, I'd love to now try and create some games for others to enjoy on the network. I'm confident that the addition of this plugin can spur the creativity of some players and allow for game modes never seen before on Cubedcraft.

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Jeroeno_Boy Jeroeno_Boy: 20 days ago
just call it rugby, not "American football"
htcs htcs: 20 days ago
Fine, rugby it is
PondWader PondWader: 20 days ago
Rugby is a different game to American Football.
MiniRascal MiniRascal: 19 days ago
yes its not soccer you tell em