Allow Uploading World folders in Playerservers

DahPineTree DahPineTree: 12 months ago
Im making Maps in my Singleplayer world with the use of some mods But Uploading them in Cubedcraft is a hassle
The Schematic Pasting has a limit of 20000 Blocks
And you can't Upload the whole world in the File Manager


Viavir Viavir: 12 months ago
You can increase the schematic block limit in the worldedit config
Supercrafter100 Supercrafter100: 16 days ago
Alright I think we should add this feature anyways. The ability to upload a custom map. Say for example you have a survival world you and your friends worked and you want to put it on one of our servers. You can't.

I suggest adding a section to the miscellaneous category of the file manager that allows you to upload a .zip of the map. The server then goes trough all files checking for possible malware. If it found it will reject the upload. If it doesn't, the world gets unzipped in the file manager of the playerserver and you have your world uploaded.

I think a lot of people would find this feature very useful.
LegitMeme LegitMeme: 16 days ago
You could always add a manual review system where everyone can upload (max 1) zip file for a review then if it's accepted it gets unzipped and uploaded, (Like with a queue system). Even though if this would be the case it would still take 5 years to get your world uploaded but at least there is a chance B)