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IGN: ShyRedPikachu
by ShyRedPikachu » over 2 years ago
Hi tysm for reply I have learnt my actions were very much wrong and I was punished for a reason I was asking for trial mod to help this server/community I want trial mod so I can help and catch people like me and catch hackers. After yesterdays actions it will have a bad effect on my but not everyone's perfect I would love to be a trial mod please consider your the best CubedCraft I have also caught 3 people swearing/badmouthing the server and 4 hackers. Its always been my dream even to have trial mod and to deal with a situation that's tough 

Love you Team CubedCraft


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IGN: MissChikoo
by MissChikoo » over 2 years ago
Hello, Alex!
I like your enthusiasm and that you want to help our server, catching hackers and rule breakers. Sadly, staff applications are closed for the time being and we are not looking for any new staff members. However, you can still help us by helping players in need of help, and report rule breakers. You can report rule breakers by typing "/report {player}{reason}" in game or report them here on our forums under the "Report Abuse/Hackers" section. (link:

I will also inform you about our rules, do not ask staff for op/ranks/items in game or anywhere related to CubedCraft. This will only lower your chance of getting staff.


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Cheers, MissChikoo
Contact me:
Discord: MissChikoo#4780
Email: [email protected]



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IGN: CombatMC
by CombatMC » over 2 years ago
First, u should not just ask for t-mod on cubedcraft. It's not like a player server, which can just get staff for asking rank.
Second, according to your "I have also caught 3 people swearing/badmouthing the server and 4 hackers." You report players just to help staff punish players, not report them just to apply for t-mod. So if u really want t-mod and help others, maybe wait until the staff application is open again, its the right time to apply and help others!

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