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IGN: MyNameIs12345
by MyNameIs12345 » 11 months ago
Everytime I Play These XRun Maps (Metalmachine , Ores , Stone) I Get Alot Of Lagback Whenever I Reach The Stairs.

MetalMachine : When You Get To The Second Checkpoint, There Are These Stairs With Blocks In The Way You Have To Dodge, Everytime I Touch One Of The Blocks, It Lagbacks Me To That Block. Please Fix!

Ores : After You Get To The First Checkpoint, You`ll See These Annoying Stairs. Whenever You Start Climbing Them. You Get Lagback. My Friend gabitza1234Also Has This Problem.

Stone : There Are 2 Parts With The Cobblestone Walls In Stone, Whenever I Touch The Cobblestone Walls. I Get Lagbacked To Them.


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IGN: Partydragen
by Partydragen » 11 months ago
We're aware of it
Use 1.12.2 to play with, Other versions are unstable

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