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IGN: gabitza1234
by gabitza1234 » 11 months ago
Hello, I am here to report a bug about XRun.

So, before the event, Medium and Hard maps appeared as usual. But,
After the event, a certain someoneeeeee (@Partydragen probs) forgot to add them back.
So now, because of that, only Easy maps appear. which is sad, because XRun isn't only made out of easy maps.
The Medium and Hard maps are missing from the server. Can they be added back?

Hello there, player! I am gabitza1234!
Warzone: Level 161
TNTWars: Level 3
XRun: 1st place on 4 maps, on leaderboard for all maps (hackers don't count)
Kingdoms: played it just once
Skyblock: I am Level 84, ore blocks help a lot.

Please bring back Survival, It would mean the world to me.

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IGN: Partydragen
by Partydragen » 11 months ago
I have added the maps back now :)

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