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IGN: MissChikoo
by MissChikoo » 7 months ago
Summer is here!
And we want to welcome the summer with a summer sale in our store!

You can now get everything in the CubedCraft store for 25% off the original price, including the monthly ranks VIP and MVP! But we are not stopping there. If you subscribe to either VIP or MVP with automatic renewal the price will not change even though the sale ends. This means you will have 25% off the monthly subscription as long as you do not cancel it. 

The sale has already started and ends on August 1st!

Link to store: https://cubedcraft.com/store/

Contact me:
Discord: MissChikoo#4780
E-mail: [email protected]

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ip: mc.cubedcraft.com

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IGN: SkeepyPvP
by SkeepyPvP » 5 months ago
Darn. if I knew closer I would've made my paypal and buy upgrade to royal or god. At least I have royal now


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IGN: Commodore640
by Commodore640 » 5 months ago
I would have gotten Nobile if it means I can pick which team I want to be in TNTWARS at a lower price. But Cubed is toxic and somewhat not worth my money.