Owner Partydragen


over 2 years ago
Hey party can I post my videos from my youtube channel on a forum?
over 3 years ago
Hey, theres these 3 players on CubedCraft, they troll, greif, and hack. I used to have 2 Minecraft accounts. Their igns are: xBuwaro, KawaiiRoxy_YT, and Jack000123
over 3 years ago
can you follow me?
over 3 years ago
Partydragen greier du å sende en mail på nytt til [email protected] om det der register
over 3 years ago
When the pranks gone wrong - IM SORRYYY FOR SCAMMING U!
over 3 years ago
Hey, please can you delete me account.
over 3 years ago
klarer ikke skrive /rl og av å til klarer jeg ikke å nicke meg selv
over 3 years ago
Ok Partydragen, Ur so much afk + ur staff is useless :P
over 3 years ago
Hopefully i can say this without hurting anyones feelings.. The staff is crap..
over 3 years ago
Noob Jk lu :)


Map Plays Wins Best Time
Stone 22 11 23.207s
Sand 11 5 40.967s
Snow 8 3 36.202s
Ores 4 1 43.457s
Palace 1 0 115.113s
MetalMachine 0 0 -
2 0 -
Statistic Value
Wins 40
Kills 257
Deaths 561
Coins 2527
Exp 6834
Wool 38
K/D Ratio 0.46
Statistic Value
Wins 21
Kills 65
Deaths 118
Coins 10090
Exp 251
K/D Ratio 0.55


Hi Everyone,
Today we have a new small update for you guys :)

- Fixed a bug where servers with more than 12 boosters did not stay online 24/7
- Live motd updater, When you now change your server motd it will update directly ingame (Direct join motd not supported yet)
- Updated 45 Plugins for 1.15 only

Plugins Updated for 1.15 version ONLY:
- FastAsyncWorldEdit
- HolographicExtension
- SuperTrails
- TitleManager
- NoSpawnerChange
- StackMob
- MyPet
- DeluxeCommands
- FeatherBoard
- CrazyEnchantments
- CustomHeads
- CustomJumppads
- PvPManager
- VentureChat
- Advanced-Portals
- MapManager
- PlotSquared
- Jobs
- UltraCosmetics
- WorldGuardExtraFlags
- PhysicsToGo
- Holograms
- CustomEnderChest
- DupeFixes
- GriefPrevention
- LibsDisguises
- CustomCrafting
- MobHunting
- Spartan
- MineResetLite
- AuctionHouse
- RankGrantPlus
- BlockParticles
- CrazyEnvoy
- CrazyAuctions
- AdvancedAchievements
- MinePacks
- RPGItems
- GUIShop
- CoreProtect
- Wilderness-TP
- WolfyUtilities
- PlayerParticles
- Quests
- CombatLogX
10 days ago
As last weekend we will run a another UHC Event this weekend!

Upcoming UHC Event
- Saturday 18 CET

Winner Reward: You can select VIP or 1 of each booster ps, warzone and tntwars booster
11 days ago
Well self bedwars taked the npc spot its not really replaced

Bedwars have even existed for many months but been offline, now kingdoms is offline 

survival was the plan to replace kingdoms but survival is put on hold

anyways nothing is being deleted, all servers still exist
20 days ago
Hi Everyone,
Today we have a new update for PlayerServers that will hopefully help your server :)

- We have upgraded to 3 nodes to run PlayerServers
- Free plan is upgraded from 768 MB to 1 GB
- All servers have got 1 free booster with means you now have 1,5 GB and 20 slots on free plan (No eta when these boosters will expire)
- Added some players statistics to webmanager
- New boosters now being logged to logs
- More stuff is right around the corner as i did not get time to finish it all
23 days ago