MyNameIs12345 MyNameIs12345: about 1 month ago
add tnt minecart to warzone ples.
when theres a big game and the 90% of the enemy members are defending
its basically impossible to breakthrough the defence without having to farmkill to get the killstreak rewards. and farmkilling is abnnable.
and by the time you slowly do get the reward from killing the defenders 1 by 1. your armour would most likely be all broken and the game would also have ended, and you would also be one of the first people to get targetted when your team attacks the enemy because the enemy knows you have the killstreak rewards.
however tnt minecarts can be useful since they are a bit more better than demoman explosives. the demoman tnt can be easily avoided by just hiding behind the wool and if our team does attack while using demoman tnt as the shield. you would most likely die before the tnt can explode.
tnt minecarts can weaken down few of the enemies and allow the attack to have a higher chance of success.


MiniSparki MiniSparki: about 1 month ago
tnt minecarts <3
DebitCardz DebitCardz: about 1 month ago
Sounds fun
Ethober Ethober: about 1 month ago

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