Host Community ran Events for Network Rewards

Cloak999 Cloak999: about 1 month ago
Events can be a lot of fun, thats why i'm thinking of this idea
Basically we have an unofficial event in which we will try to get 15 Server Devs to bring open their servers and release events onto their server, hint books will be hidden which will give you hints on what the next server is and the winner will recieve a reward.

However, we don't have a sponsorship, thats why I made this suggestion, so that maybe Party and Samerton host official events onto cubedcraft which goes across multiple different playerservers. The reward could be anything, ranks, cosmetics and is built in 15 different servers which the devs have to manage to make it easier.

TDLR or Too Confusing: Maybe you should host some official events across multiple playerservers so that some playerservers can get the popularity boost they need if they are well made enough.

If you like this idea please thumbs up on both the website and the discord, please and thank you.


DebitCardz DebitCardz: about 1 month ago
Doubt people would put in the actual effort to make interesting events, also never trust the community to do anything for the network.
MagicPotatooo MagicPotatooo: about 1 month ago
big oof ^^
Jeroeno_Boy Jeroeno_Boy: about 1 month ago
i can't imagine 15 12 year olds working together