Add a help kit (book)

Ethober Ethober: about 1 month ago
You should add a /kit help and you receive a book with pages telling you how to use worldguard and confusing plugins pls


Supercrafter100 Supercrafter100: about 1 month ago
Just like use google to figure out how the plugins work?
GamerProPlaysYT GamerProPlaysYT: about 1 month ago
Internet Exists
PondWader PondWader: about 1 month ago
A. Use google, most (dare I say all) plugins have a page describing how to use them, in fact when you install a plugin it has a little question mark next to the name on the file manager, when you click that it takes you to the plugin page which sometimes contains a guide.

B. We have a knowledgebase with some guides on it for plugins:
This does in fact contain a guide on WorldGuard (
Cloak999 Cloak999: about 1 month ago
Read the docs, it'll tell you all the info you need.

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