JachuMC2 JachuMC2: 2 days ago
Current ANTICHEAT is really **BROKEN** here is the video how I got banned for nothing + unban apply


PondWader PondWader: 2 days ago
Seeing as the AntiCheat doesn't auto ban... this isn't a really fair assessment of the AntiCheat. If you want us to look into your ban you should go through the appeals process and not use suggestions.
Tominous Tominous: 2 days ago
We already have a decent anti-cheat which is called "AngelX"
Lxrdyxx Lxrdyxx: 2 days ago
It really is broken but not that much. Also where is proof????!!!
IDuckz_ IDuckz_: 2 days ago
The ban doesn’t have anything to do with the anticheat it doesn’t kick/ban on kitpvp for whatever reason, but yes some violations don’t work as good but so far, the anticheat is fine.
Partydragen Partydragen: 22 hours ago
The AntiCheats don't ban because its been configurated to that, Its always staff that take the final decision
NeedNova NeedNova: 22 hours ago
Party, AngelX is like a matrix wannabe, I would suggest to put spartan or AAC Gen 2 Back.
ApexCandy ApexCandy: 21 hours ago
AngelX is staying, it's the most decent anticheat we had after a while and does great also the anticheat doesn't ban players it's staff that take the final decisions.

Suggestion rejected.
Jeroeno_Boy Jeroeno_Boy: 21 hours ago
Spartan did litterly nothing.
Martrix gave players major laggbacks
AngelX just works
PondWader PondWader: 19 hours ago
Jeroeno summed this up perfectly. AngelX is much better than matrix and Spartan. It's not perfect. But it doesn't randomy false kick, only when you lag and it actually kicks hackers unlike spartan did.
CoronaFighter CoronaFighter: 7 hours ago
The anticheat does not ban, it is the staff who bans players. Therefor, there is nothing wrong with the anticheat.
WhenUHackUNoob WhenUHackUNoob: 6 hours ago
Hey JachuMC2!

As you may have seen in the comments above mine, the AntiCheat does not automatically ban players, therefor it's the Moderation Team which handles all punishments above a kick. When we were using Spartan, it did nothing for us whatsoever. When we we're using MatrixAC, it lagged the players and then detected that they were hacking. Not ideal. AngelX is the best AntiCheat I have ever seen on CubedCraft, so I do hope myself that it stays!

~ WhenUHackUNoob

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