Cubedcraft API

Supercrafter100 Supercrafter100: 11 months ago
( Read on website for full explenation )
So I suggest adding an api for the network. It will make us developers get a lot more info about players / servers / statistics overall to improve and make discord bots / add cool stuff in playerservers.

Here is what I suggest it would look like:

Since we have both the and, we can always make it and

A few features I would like to see on the api is a way to get all online playerservers, get info about a specific server (the information the current playerserver api displays), all players, and information about a specific player.

I think the url should be structured a little like: - This could display all online players ( on all proxies ) - This will display information about a player like points, last logout, first join, amount of votes, etc. - This could display all online playerservers - This will display all the information the current playerserver api will display.

These are just a few examples and I hope a lot more features could be added. Like adding a way to edit files with the api, log into your account with it, etc

The api would primarily be used by experienced developers and probably wont get used a lot at all. But at least the well experienced developers can do the work for other players. And let everyone see why an api is so useful and helpful.

I think we could always check out the minehut api. They have a lot of features with it and it could be a good inspiration point for urls.

( link: )

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Jeroeno_Boy Jeroeno_Boy: 11 months ago sounds kinda gay, just say
PondWader PondWader: 11 months ago
I think more capabilities with the API would be great.
Supercrafter100 Supercrafter100: 11 months ago
Yeah I was just giving some examples. But A lot more capabilities would be amazing
Supercrafter100 Supercrafter100: 11 months ago
btw everyone make sure to like suggestions on the website so party can filter them. He never checks votes in the discord anyways.
Partydragen Partydragen: 11 months ago
Suggestion marked as In Progress
Partydragen Partydragen: about 1 month ago
Progress update:

Servers endpoint is now showing displayitem, also fixed server endpoint showing wrong displayitem when its on free plan,
Server endpoint always showing maxPlayers now even when its offline,
Player endpoint is now showing groups, network exp and level and guild name is always being displayed now