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by Partydragen » about 1 year ago

Hi Everyone

The last week there has been multiple changes to PlayerServers, You can see the changelog below


  • Added option for old server versions to load latest plugin version from 1.17 plugin list
  • PS Boosters for VIP/MVP can finally be removed again in "My Boosters" page with 30 days cooldown as before
  • Added Scoreboard plugin
  • Added AnimatedScoreboard plugin
  • Added MongoSK plugin
  • Added ThatPacketAddon plugin
  • Server failed to startup issue is finally fixed
  • You can now upload Datapacks from Webmanager
  • New file editor and option to stay at the editor when saving
  • Multiple bug fixes at the Webmanager

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by Commodore640 » about 1 year ago

Ability to upload your own plugins?


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by Iron_Kevin » about 1 year ago

There is no possibility to upload your own plugins on Cubedcraft playerservers Commodore640. But you can do a suggestion.

I'm permbanned. :(