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IGN: Partydragen
by Partydragen » 3 months ago

Hi Everyone

The last week there has been multiple changes to PlayerServers, You can see the changelog below


  • Added option for old server versions to load latest plugin version from 1.17 plugin list
  • PS Boosters for VIP/MVP can finally be removed again in "My Boosters" page with 30 days cooldown as before
  • Added Scoreboard plugin
  • Added AnimatedScoreboard plugin
  • Added MongoSK plugin
  • Added ThatPacketAddon plugin
  • Server failed to startup issue is finally fixed
  • You can now upload Datapacks from Webmanager
  • New file editor and option to stay at the editor when saving
  • Multiple bug fixes at the Webmanager

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IGN: Commodore640
by Commodore640 » 3 months ago

Ability to upload your own plugins?

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IGN: KevinxLeah21
by KevinxLeah21 » 3 months ago

There is no possibility to upload your own plugins on Cubedcraft playerservers Commodore640. But you can do a suggestion.

I am currently Owner and Founder of PS_InfiniteSky. A playerserver with Sky Survival, PvP, prison, and parkour. We are currently working on the server. More games are coming soon. Parkour is currently offline due to glitches.

Love you all guys <3


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