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God GellyZ [hissi]


4 months ago
roysland stop edating
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Insane carry, and dream team
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Please check my application
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A pig in a bikini... Seems normal
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Oink Oink
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Can you unbann me
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about 1 year ago
how are you so good at warzone :(


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Ok but if friend system will be synced and warzone and tntwars will still be listed in the playerservers gui then what is the point of rebranding the server?

I know that you have talked about new minigames and gamemodes but what is the point if they're all going to be listed on the playerserver server? Then there will be no use of the other server as you can just log in on the playerserver one.  I am also aware that you want to change everything about Cubed, name, logo etc. But why have 2 different servers even when they're synced if you only need to join the ps server and not the minigames one to play the public games? There will be no use in the minigames one if you are able to access everything from the other server aswell the abilityto just write /join {server name} and /join {tntwars/warzone} instead of having to relog between those two servers? then it will all go back to only being a ps server instead of a minigames one. 

There is no complete use in having 2 servers if you can access the wanted things on just one of servers, it will all backfire as only one of the servers will be used. So if you are going full out on having two servers then at least keep the two servers distanced from each other, orelse there will be no use in seperating them in the first place.  So either you just rename and get a new logo for the server, or you have two servers seperated from each other by this I mean minigames on one playerservers on the other, friends can still be synced but keep the gamemodes and playerservers away from each other if there even is a meaning behind this
3 months ago
Well this is an interesting ideas with both good and bad sides. Mostly bad sides to it in my opinion.

Having two different servers can make it quite annoying for players if warzone/tntwars is empty and they want to check if their friends are on a playerservers they have to log onto a different server. I don't see any good by making it like this. If you're going through with playerservers and warzone being seperated you will probably get less players and I know that is nothing you want.

The way the server is now, with a lobby and a way to go to warzone/tntwars and playerservers without leaving the server is the best way in my opinion. You can do /friend list and see where your friends are along with /glist to see if people are active on the playerserver or gamemode you want to play on. 

Then again you do whatever you want with your server, this is just what me and others it seems like think.
3 months ago
Please don't ask staff to read your application, this will most likely down your chance of getting accepted. But other than that, good luck on your app
4 months ago
stop your playerserver and start it again, if you are the owner it should automatically unban you. If that doesn't work log into the console and manually unban yourself
5 months ago
Some of my ideas is kitpvp with duels, Arcade games, FFA games where the gamemode/game changes every week or month depending on its popularity so there is a variation. Like UHC FFA, UHC BW FFA, OITC FFA e.g.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
10 months ago



Killer I Get 25 kills 4 months ago
Killer II Get 300 kills 4 months ago
Victory I Win 25 games 4 months ago
Victory II Win 100 games 4 months ago
KillStreak I Get 5 KillStreak 4 months ago
KillStreak II Get 10 KillStreak 4 months ago


Killer I Get 25 kills about 1 year ago
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Killer III Get 1000 kills 12 months ago
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Killer V Get 10000 kills 4 months ago
Victory I Win 25 games about 1 year ago
Victory II Win 100 games about 1 year ago
Victory III Win 500 games 6 months ago
Victory VI Win 1000 games 5 months ago
Wool Destroyer I Destroy 25 wool from enemy team about 1 year ago
Wool Destroyer II Destroy 100 wool from enemy team about 1 year ago
Wool Destroyer III Destroy 500 wool from enemy team 10 months ago
Wool Destroyer VI Destroy 1500 wool from enemy team 7 months ago
Wool Destroyer V Destroy 3000 wool from enemy team 5 months ago
Getting The Job Done Destroy all 10 wool in a round about 1 year ago
I DIDN’T MEAN TO blow up a staff member. 4 months ago
Flawless Win a game without losing any wool 4 days ago