Moderator GellyZ


6 months ago
how are you so good at warzone :(


Map Plays Wins Best Time
Stone 24 9 21.603s
Sand 11 3 38.562s
Hell 5 1 200.528s
Labyrinth 4 2 115.499s
Grassland 9 3 29.467s
Techno 3 0 -
Snow 11 1 31.666s
Ores 8 3 40.405s
Palace 7 2 37.545s
MetalMachine 11 0 35.901s
Candyland 4 3 121.623s
Western 5 2 74.529s
Granite 1 0 25.653s
Tower 1 0 -
Statistic Value
Wins 1977
Kills 17536
Deaths 16947
Coins 75116
Exp 350594
Wool 8251
K/D Ratio 1.03
Statistic Value
Wins 80
Kills 248
Deaths 203
Coins 360
Exp 725
K/D Ratio 1.22


Thanks for reporting, the player has already been banned 
8 months ago
Hello there,
I think the problem is because you are doing /kick /ban /mute.
When you're on your playerserver you need to do /ekick /eban /emute, due to /mute /ban /kick is for cubedcraft staff.  
I am pretty sure this is the problem here. if this doesn't work contact me and I'll gladly help you

9 months ago
I really don't think its necessary to get this plugin, but this is my opinion. If people do things that isn't good on the PS the staff could jail/mute or kick/ban them.

about 1 year ago
This is an good idea, but they could make so you don’t exit out of the menu, but there is an back button so it’s not as slow. But I agree this should be fixed/added

about 1 year ago
Got any proof?
and was this on a ps or not?

about 1 year ago