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Cloak999 Cloak999: about 1 month ago
Just to be clear please vote on here on the website, if you vote on the discord it means nothing and isn't read

Right now, guilds are kinda well.. useless.. Yeah you can chat between them but theres nothing to do in your guild, thats all you do, chat between other people. Thats why I made this idea, there are 2 different stats, Ranking and Experience. Every month, the top ranked guild obtains 1 Playerserver Booster, only the leader of the guild obtains it. On top of that, Experience is like ranking but its permanent and increases your guild bonuses. Also, could you add the ability to check player's guild name on skript? I don't know if thats possible but it'd be great.

Level 1: 50,000 XP, grants exclusive Parrot Pet
Level 2: 100,000 XP, grants exclusive Guild Banner hat.
Level 3: 150,000 XP, grants +3% Guild XP and +3% Point Gain
Level 4: 200,000 XP, grants exclusive KitPVP kit, Tryhard which has low stats but gains double xp and money
Level 5: 250,000 XP, grants doublejumping in lobby or idk

Guild Banners: Guild banners are customizable banners which the guild owner uses to create an exclusive banner

How to gain XP
For starters, Ranking is obtained the same way as XP at the same rate.

Kill 1 player in WZ: +5 XP
Break 1 Wool in WZ: +15 XP
Win WZ: +25 XP

Kill 1 Player in BW: +10 XP
Break 1 Bed in BW: +15 XP
Win BW: +25 XP

Kill 1 KitPVP player: +5 XP
Gain +2.5 XP per kill for every streak you have

Win 1 round of XRun: +20 XP

Kill 1 Player in TNTWARs: +10 XP
Win TNTWars: +20 XP

Play Survival: +10 XP/10 Minute


DebitCardz DebitCardz: about 1 month ago
yay make guilds not completely worthless.
Supercrafter100 Supercrafter100: about 1 month ago
I dont think the playerserver booster is a good idea, since if only the leader gets it its pretty much worthless. Another thing is that playerserver boosters are probably worthless for them seeing as the only way to get experience for your guild right now is playing cubedcraft games
Jeroeno_Boy Jeroeno_Boy: about 1 month ago
Looks like tntwars = easy points
Cloak999 Cloak999: about 1 month ago
Other things to note, Some other points may not be balanced, I just picked random numbers depending on difficulty to kill a player
The top rank reward is bad, I had no other ideas.
Yeah, I forgot Arcade, don't blame me
I also forgot final kills in bedwars.
I cant edit it
IDuckz_ IDuckz_: about 1 month ago
I agree with things like extra guild xp and getting some cosmetics etc, but, I disagree with the parts that make the game easier, like this "exclusive kitpvp kit" or getting more coins, xp and points.
DebitCardz DebitCardz: about 1 month ago
It's fine if you forgot Arcade, not like it would contribute much anyways.
Cloak999 Cloak999: about 1 month ago
(Response to IDuckz)
I didn't have any other ideas at the time.

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