Add GeyserMC to the plugin list

gabitza1234 gabitza1234: 10 days ago
If you add GeyserMC, you can connect java players with bedrock players together, which would allow for way more players, which is great! I heard Minehut used to support it some time ago.

ofc this is probably not gonna happen since party is lazy and geysermc is a lot of work to do but if it somehow happened that would be very awesome of you


PondWader PondWader: 9 days ago
GeyserMC would be very cool.

One point: it has to be added to the proxy, not the plugin list, as if users cannot connect to cubed itself on bedrock how are they going to join your server? But yeah, would be great to be added.
Isaiyah Isaiyah: 9 days ago
This sounds like a great idea but most of the time when Bedrock Players get on a Java Server they most likely will get AC-Flagged. That's what I heard.

- Isaiyah

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