ANTI VPN | Add a proper ANTI VPN.

Iron_Kevin Iron_Kevin: about 1 month ago
The current anti VPN plugin on CubedCraft is working kinda bad.

People can easily evade their bans by using ProtonVPN, or other VPN's which works on CubedCraft. And hackers with VPN's are a big issue on CubedCraft. And who likes hackers? Nobody, right? Just download or develop a good anti VPN plugin which makes it harder for hackers to come online at CubedCraft to evade their bans.


Partydragen Partydragen: about 1 month ago
Ofcourse its working bad when its disabled lol
IDuckz_ IDuckz_: about 1 month ago
the anti vpn is currently disabled (not sure why) but probably because it kept alerting people for using vpn's when they weren't
ShadowOcto ShadowOcto: about 1 month ago
Yeah nice one mate
Commodore640 Commodore640: 16 days ago
Fix the Anti-VPN and boom, it works. This will prevent ShadowOcto from making his YouTube CubedCraftSS videos.
Supercrafter100 Supercrafter100: 16 days ago
Thats not the issue. The main issue is preventing false positives. We need to rely on external services that provide us with the information if a user is on a vpn. But sometimes it false flags a user for being on a vpn and that would block them. this is not ideal as it just blocks (often new) players from joining our server.